Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Somewhere Over at The Rainbow Room

Anyone interested in seeing how New York used to be can take a visit to Rockefeller Center’s The Rainbow Room, which is now owned by Harry Cipriani. Although I have been to the event space at The Top of the Rock, where I was involved in “A Tribute to Nelson Mandela,” I have never been to The Rainbow Room. I have always wanted to go, especially since it is basically the setting for one of my favorite gay monologues from John Guare’s Six Degrees of Separation—one of my favorite plays that I had the fortune to see during the 1990-1991 Broadway season at Lincoln Center in 1991 with Stockard Channing, Courtney B.Vance and Anthony Rapp. There is a whole description of two men dancing together at The Rainbow Room and then getting thrown out for it. For a 20 year-old in the closet, it was scintillating!

This past evening, I had the pleasure of attending the launch party for the new, spectacular Manhattan magazine from the folks that brought you Angeleno and others. This new publication features the best in art, design, fashion, and culture that NYC has to offer. To my elation, my friend invited me to attend with her, and the venue lived up to all of my expectations—from the vast dance floor, to the old world charm, to the fantastic finger foods and never-ending Bellinis, and of course the almost 360 degree stellar view. The view overwhelms you even when you’re in the bathroom. Now that’s luxury!

Speaking of stellar, we decided to hang around until 8:15 to see who the special musical guest was. It turned out to be Robin Thicke, who entertained the crowd with some great tunes. I’m not really a fan, mostly due to not being familiar with his music. I did, however, meet his dad Alan years ago, back in my hometown in Texas. He had been there for a hospital ribbon cutting ceremony. Anyway, I always thought Alan was good looking, but Robin is so ridiculously delicious, that you could spread him on a cracker. The only thing that confuses me is that he is the son of a Canadian, so why does he sound like he just took the train down from way Uptown?

So, yea for me, since I’m no longer a Rainbow Room virgin. In spite of the grumpy bartender who had a chip on his shoulder and the over-abundance of people, including some really “interesting” fashion plates, the kickoff for Manhattan magazine’s premiere issue was one swell party!

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