Sunday, November 9, 2008

Finding the Fair-est Gifts This Holiday Season

Did Halloween really just pass? It’s hard to believe that Christmas is little more than a month away. Not that it really matters to me, since I will likely be stuck in Queens having Chinese food and watching the latest Bollywood flicks for every holiday until the New Year. That’s okay, though, especially since I hate to travel during the holidays--too many people; too many flat roller suitcases; too many short fuses. Also, the entitlement of people on planes never seems to amaze me, and that’s just plain annoying, so why put myself through that, right? I’m no glutton for punishment!

Speaking of entitlement, the holiday season is the perfect time to indulge in buying art. Recession? Fuh-geh-uh-bah-it! There’s nothing like something beautiful to brighten up up a dreary day (or year…or 4 years!), so go ahead and buy some art--whether it’s for you or your loved ones. Besides, shouldn’t you be freaking out that there are only 35 shopping days until Christmas and you haven’t done your shopping yet? Lucky for all of us, there are some great art shows going on around the country, just in time for the holidays, where lovers of art, jewelry and crafts can find just the perfect gift.

Top-notch artists like Ariela Boronat of Santa Fe, is just one of the cool, creative types who’ll be hangin’ up their wares at some fabulous upcoming shows in the Southwestern United States. Ariela, who works primarily in printmaking, is as colorful as her beautiful works of art. If you are in the New Mexico and Arizona areas, stop by to meet my “Cubana favorita” and check out her art at:

The Placitas Holiday Fine Arts & Crafts Sale--November 22-23; Placitas, New Mexico (

The Rio Grande Arts & Crafts Festival--November 28-30; Expo New Mexico Fairgrounds, Albuquerque, New Mexico (

The Tempe Festival of the Arts—December 5-7; Tempe, Arizona (

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