Saturday, January 3, 2009

Resolving 2008 Into 2009

There is no doubt that in 2009, people will have to begin thinking in a more innovative way. That means being scrappy and hustling when it comes to career as well achieving their life goals. Things could never be more different and uncertain than they seem to be now. While we're all feeling like fish out of water, why not use it as an opportunity to change thinking and "resolve to absolve," so to speak, in a new way?

What of 2008 would you like to forget? When contemplating your New Year's resolutions for 2009, it's best to sit down with pad and pen in hand to make note of those things you'd like to change. It's been said that people tend to believe things more if they are put in writing. Goals are also more likely to be achieved if you make a list of them. Having a blueprints is always a good thing. I have found these proverbs to be very true. On average, I see about eighty percent of my goals realized each year--not bad odds, huh?

As you embark on a healthier and happier 2009, here are some smart ways to think about New Year's resolutions:

1) Don't make too many resolutions. Make an initial list of things you wish you could change. Narrow it down and commit to your top three. After all, Rome wasn't built in a day! Once you know what you have to do, put your list away in a safe place for next year so that you can reflect on what you have achieved.

2) Keep your resolutions realistic and attainable. For example, I love to shop, so I pick goals like spending less cash on items I don't need, all the while keeping more important things in mind. That means remembering that those two new pairs of shoes equals the price of an airplane ticket home to the West Coast to see my family.

3) Give it the "old college try!" Understand that it's likely you will break at least one of your resolutions. If you do, don't beat yourself up. You're in good company, and for many, making life change starts with forgiveness--especially of yourself--and the old patterns, which are hard for most people to overcome.

4) If you break a resolution, have a sense of humor about falling short of your goal. Host a party with friends to sip cocktails and confess why it all went wrong. Be supportive of one another as you venture out into the New Year, attempting to make other resolutions. Always pat yourself on the back for making any little life change, whether it's a small attitude adjustment or just losing a pound or two.

5)Finally, and most importantly, start a skincare regimen, and splurge for the good products! Trust me, and I think all gay men would have to agree with this--it's worth it. Knowing your skin looks great will give you the confidence to get through anything the day can dish out!

Happy New Year!

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