Monday, July 20, 2009

Southwest Gay & Lesbian Film Festival Co-Presents OUTrage at Albuquerque's The Guild Cinema

(Photo: Courtesy Magnolia Pictures)

Most people know at least one closet case. It's sad that many people have to live their true lives in secret, mostly because humanity isn't ready to make living the gay life bearable for everyone. So, in the interim, I guess we'll have to accept that there will always be stragglers, who aren't willing to deal with themselves just yet.

Speaking of closet cases, Washington, D.C. is full of 'em. Maybe that's why J.R.'s is packed with guys in khakis and blue blazers at 3 pm on a weekday. They're usually drunk off their butts by 5 pm and home with their pickups via the "back door" by 6 pm. Is it any wonder that this is common behavior in D.C. (I've seen it happen many times there!)? After all, a great majority of politicians are either in denial of their identities, or they live secret gay lives. These are the men and women who consistently vote against legislation that would allow gay marriage, adoption and other gay rights. It really puts the pressure on those around them to keep their mouths shut or stay tucked behind the leather chaps and stilleto pumps in the far depths of their own closets.

Luckily, brave filmmaker and Academy Award Winner Kirby Dick has turned Washington inside out with his new film OUTrage, and a lot of people are none too happy about it--mostly because it outs politicians like never before. Some of Dick's interviews, which include Congressman Barney Frank, former NJ Governor Jim McGreevey, activist Larry Kramer, radio personality Michelangelo Signorile, and openly gay congresswoman Tammy Baldwin (Representative, Wisconsin 2nd district), imply that D.C. is gayer than San Francisco. Is that even possible??? The film also addresses the media’s cooperation in helping to keep secrets of those politicians living covertly gay lives.

While OUTrage has been playing to a lot of hoopla in other major cities, the film is premiering in Albuquerque at The Guild Cinema on July 21 and will play through July 23. If you haven't seen the film and are in the Albuquerque/Santa Fe areas, come check it out. It will be co-presented by The Southwest Gay and Lesbian Film Festival ( For Closet Cinema members, admission will be reduced to a reasonable $5. See you at The Guild!

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