Saturday, August 8, 2009

Giancarlo Esposito Teaches Life Lessons at Albuquerque Film Festival

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"We are living in creation," actor and director, Giancarlo Esposito, told a 100-member audience today as part of an "actors' workshop" that he did in conjunction with the Albuquerque Film Festival.

These days, it's rare that I make any commentary on spirituality or express my thoughts on how people should live their lives on Uncle Paulie's World, since they are only one man's opinion, but today, I had to share!

Esposito went on to say that if we are not living in truth, we are not living, which is so simple--and profound--and so many of us have made the choice to not live in our truths. The truth is that we create our own truth. Whatever thoughts we have are manifested in our lives. So, "Be careful what you wish for" was basically the jist of his admonishment to the intimate crowd, which consisted of actors, directors, producers, technical people and others.

The event, which took place at Albuquerque's Cell Theatre, was ambiguously titled a "workshop," but what it really ended up being was two hours of self-introspection and group communion of people who share varied, but related goals. It started out with deep breathing and meditation, and then a request that each one of us make a personal introduction of ourselves to the rest of the group(including the photographers and camera guy!). The "experience" as I have chosen to call it, since I went in with no expectations and an open mind, culminated with Esposito imparting knowledge that, as he said (and I'm paraphrasing here), most of us already know. It was merely a time for participant and keynote speaker to remind one another of that fact. Essentially what we learned is that we all lie, to ourselves and one another, and that we hate to be out of control, BUT to live fully, we must all give up that control. I like that!

In the last 5 months, I have learned to give up some control, and not worry about what the "picture" of my life seems to depict. It has been an interesting growth process, being laid off from a 3-year job that I, for the most part, liked, picking up and moving to a new city for both a person and the speculation of an exciting and fresh life. Along the road, hardly a moment went by when I didn't force myself to be conscious of the necessity for keeping the eye on the prize and the importance of not letting the small things get in my way. Esposito talked today about learning to trust yourself when living your life. It is easy for people, especially creatives, to say to others, "What should I do?", "Was that okay?", or "Take care of me!" Through my entire transition into my new environs, I have been learning to trust myself and my relationship that I have with God (You may have another relationship with a higher power, and I make no judgement on that, as long as you have a spiritual relationship with something or someone.) After all, someone said today, "No man is an island," and as humans, we have a symbiotic relationship with one another. Esposito said that to really live, we must serve each other and life is really celebrating that we don't have to go through it alone! Again, I love that!

Trusting in myself and my relationship with that higher spiritual power has brought me two leading roles in two shows in the last 4 months, and since last night's opening of the gallery where my art is currently hanging, I have sold three pieces! Things are also beginning to fall in place for me socially and financially, and I am so grateful for the opportunity to counteract all the doubt that I have felt my entire life. If this is all happening for me, one jot in the Universe, it must be so that a shift in the collective thought is happening in the World, and all is moving towards a state of bliss, much like the one that we vaguely remember. The time is now to trust in ourselves and no one else...and, of course, that higher power that helps us remain in control of what we create in our lives. (Stage Direction:And Uncle Paulie steps down from his soapbox.)

Thank you so much, Mr. Giancarlo Esposito, for the life-altering experience. You are one wise man!

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