Friday, December 4, 2009

20/20 on the 12" x 12" at Harwood Art Center

Opportunities to see fabulous art abounded around the country on Friday, December 4--from Woodstock, to Bellingham, Washington, all the way to Albuquerque, New Mexico and beyond!

Arts organizations are getting creative these days, especially when it comes to how they do their fundraising. While most rely on their list of donors, many enhance their money cultivation efforts by holding events that have a novelty factor. In the case of Albuquerque's famed Harwood Art Center, the organization began hosting an annual benefit three years ago called the Harwood Art Center 12" x 12" Show.

This year's show drew nearly 500 people on its opening night and featured the works of approximately 150 artists. One of the many "anonymous" art shows around the country, the goal of this show, much like its sister shows, is getting people to buy what they like and not just a "name." The major difference in the Harwood show is that each piece costs $144 (that's 12 x 12= 144...cute, huh?). What's even cuter is that there is a kids' section, which is comprised of pieces made by children with dimensions of 6" x 6". Wanna take a bet as to how much they sell for? You got it--36 bucks! What a fantastic way to teach kids about art and how it is displayed in a show. Not only that, but they get to experience the euphoria when their piece sells. Of course, sales of all of the works benefit the wonderful programs that Harwood Art Center brings to New Mexico and the community.

While many artists were not on hand because they likely had their own solo art openings across town (see my previous post on Lea Anderson), I had an opportunity to speak with Jessie Rogers Marketing, Design and Administration Manager for the Harwood Art Center, as well as two participating artists Rachel Popowcer and Jude Gallegos. Rachel's piece graced this year's 12" x 12" benefit program. Jude's 2008 piece garnered that honor as well. For more information on the Harwood Art Center, visit


Stephanie said...

Thanks for the great Blog! It's a great event for a great cause, and work is still available- some amazing work!
- Stephanie, Director, the Harwood Art Center

Nancy Camden said...

Very interesting article. I forwarded it to the director of our local non-profit gallery (Exhibit Art Gallery) here in Farmington, MO.

Nancy Camden