Friday, April 20, 2012

Artists Explore Different Traditions in 'Weavers Teaching Weavers Conference" 2012

Walker River Paiute Baskets by Jacqueline Rickard
What if you were an indigenous weaver and had studied your own culture's basketry for years?  What if you had the opportunity to step outside of your own culture and comfort zone to learn what it's like to make a Haida, Tsimshian, Paiute or Arapaho basket?  That's exactly what over 100 weavers had the opportunity to do last week when they attended the "Weavers Teaching Weavers Conference" 2012 at the Northwest Indian College in Bellingham, Washington.  The multi-day event allowed for top artists in their own cultural traditions to get a taste of other styles and materials.  They came from all over the United States and Canada as well. 

Some of the participants in the event included top, award-winning names such as Lisa Telford (Haida), Carol Emarthle-Douglas (Arapaho/Seminole), Loa Ryan (Tsimshian), Terrol Dew Johnson (Tohono o'odham) and Jacqueline Rickard (Walker River Paiute).  

Tsimshian Basketry by Loa Ryan
The conference culminated in an artist's market at the Whatcom Museum's Old City Hall building on Saturday, April 14.  I had the opportunity to talk to some of the artists about their work and their participation in the "Weavers Teaching Weavers Conference."  It was wonderful to sit with them, hear their stories, and watch all the detailed work that goes into creating such exquisite pieces of functional art.

In addition to this video that includes snippets of footage, I will also be featuring full interviews with some of the artists about their individual work later on Uncle Paulie's World.  For now, watch this cool video recapping the "Weavers Teaching Weavers" event HERE.

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