Thursday, July 5, 2012

Stonington Gallery Presents New Works and Lecture by Northwest Artist Barry Herem

Barry Herem and some of his pieces
(Photo: Stonington Gallery)
A lifetime of living in the Pacific Northwest and traveling up and down its coast will give a person an intimate familiarity with the people and the folklore that is so closely tied to them.  That's what artist and Northwest Coast scholar and lecturer Barry Herem has developed through his travels throughout the region, getting to know the indigenous populations and learning from his friendships with the likes of Bill Reid, Robert Davidson, Bill Holm and others.

Barry Herem's "Butterfly"
(Photo: Stonington Gallery)
Indigenous and indigenous-inspired art is always evolving keeping intact the traditional meaning, but pushing the envelope to expand how those meanings are conveyed.  In a new show at Seattle's Stonington Gallery, Barry Herem unveils a new body of work created using metal, glass and wood, which continues his formline experimentation with mixed media.

The exhibition and sale Beyond Beyond: A Barry Herem Solo Exhibit opens this evening July 5 with an artist's reception (6 p.m. - 8 p.m.) and continues through July 28.  On Sunday, July 8 at 6 p.m., Herem will present am illustrated lecture at Stonington Gallery entitled Received Boundaries: Stasis and Change, in which he will discuss his half-century love affair with Northwest Coast art and his numerous travels via canoe visiting remote locales in the coastal Northwest. 

"Raptor Gates" by Barry Herem
(Photo: Stonington Gallery)
"For most people the zeitgeist of world-wide iconoclasm and boundary breaking, i.e. liberation, is old hat, almost old school, except that it's still going on in many areas. Looking back on nearly 50 years in the modern 'renaissance' of Northwest Coast Indian style art - which lies below the beat of both modernism and post modernism in North American art generally - we can see where it had to go, and has. I want to show you something of how, what, when, where and right now. Also something about my work."

--Barry Herem

Stonington Gallery is located at 119 South Jackson Street in Seattle. For more information about Beyond Beyond: A Barry Herem Solo Exhibit or Herem's Sunday lecture call 866-405-4485 or visit the gallery web site at

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