Monday, February 3, 2014

Uncle Paulie's World to Be Replaced by Tombolo Art Media

Uncle Paulie's World and
Tombolo Art Media Founder
Paul Niemi
A colleague of mine and I recently made the joke that "Tombolo" sounds likes someone's hot, Italian boyfriend. In actuality, a tombolo is a piece of land that connects a sandbar with the mainland. 

There are millions of sites on the Internet.  Many provide the latest in entertainment news that everyone is covering.  Some do art and design. Some do theatre. Many do books. Only a handful blend them all, but they forget to cover the underdog with the assumption there is no audience for them. I'm not certain how most people feel about flipping the TV channel, turning the magazine page, and scrolling to the next post on Facebook only to find unoriginal content that everyone has already shared.  I find it boring and it leaves me wanting to read something more meaningful.

As a highly creative person,  I'm interested in offering up stories that are thoughtful, informative and focus on subjects that you might not find in top media outlets because commerce dictates their content. That means if I don't write them, no one will.  My goal is to build awareness of that emerging Native American fine artist, that well-known regional contemporary mixed media artist, that street muralist from Brooklyn, that new author, or that fabulous performer who is someone everyone needs to meet.

That's why I created TomboloArt Media. Tombolo Art Media will connect people with art, design, music, theatre and literature in a way that's not intimidating.  My audience will be my favorite person--the average one!  Tombolo Art Media is a place for you to enrich your life by learning something you didn't know and hopefully, you'll pass it on.  This is a site for people to come closer to the arts and to explore who we all are, together.  (PLEASE NOTE:  Tombolo Art Media is available at as well as at

So, here's a big shout out to all those people around the world who have helped give Uncle Paulie's World arts and culture blog life.  When it started in 2008, I had no idea what it would become. My life was so blessed when I found my voice, art and the audience that believed in me.  Well, nearly 6 years later, my niece (who inspired the name) is all grown up.  I have grown up, too, in my own way.  It's time to change the name, get a true URL, and move forward keeping the same Uncle Paulie's World heart, but adding a sharp new look on a cleaner, more user-friendly platform.   Tombolo Art Media will be launching this month, and I'm hopeful that you will stay strapped in with me and embark on this new but familiar journey. There is still so much bridge-building to do in the arts, so let's 'Tombolo!'

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