Sunday, February 17, 2008


I love art and am working to bring out the visual artist in me by creating whimsical masks. They just come when I am in the mood--haven't done one since last fall, but hopefully I will do more this winter.

Today was super-exciting because I finally figured out the geographical location of a place depicted in a watercolor painting I recently bought in Philadelphia. For a week-and-a-half, I have been trying to figure out where the hell Gallantry Point is, and I finally discovered that it is located on Saint-Pierre Island in New Foundland. This past week found me hitting the Internet and hitting my head against the wall as I tried to locate it on a map of the Eastern United States. That's the last time I assume that the "Eastern Coast" only includes the U.S. No wonder Europeans and Canadians hate us (well, besides George W. Bush!). The painting is one done anonymously by someone (an amateur, perhaps?), who apparently came in contact with a sketch from 1893 entitled "Looking West from Gallantry Point April 14,1893." Since he or she went to the trouble of painting this place, it might have been nice if they had signed and dated the damned piece! It looks to have been done between 40-50 years ago, but who knows? Anyway, I saw some interesting sketches of the region done by an American seaman in 1879 and they look very similar. Who knows if the original artist is the same. These are the crazy things that I find interesting.

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