Tuesday, May 13, 2008


I promised my friend and associate that I would include this picture of, quite possibly, the ugliest handbag ever. It's by Korean manufacturer MCM, and it was created exclusively for a fall 2007 fashion week event hosted by Marguerita Missoni in the Meat Packing District to benefit an environmental cause. All items had to be white and were placed on white mannequins. The bag featured mini-compartments that were attached to the larger bag with velcro pieces. Nothing says "I love New York" more than toting your specs around in a miniature Statue of Liberty or your makeup in the Empire State Building. Clearly this should be carried on Fifth Avenue...on a wobbly card table attended to by a guy in dreads. We never were sure how much it retailed for, but we think $1600, which left us speechless. I think even the mannequins were at a loss for words, because I overheard one of them ask the other "How do you say 'tacky' in Korean?" The highlight of the party was checking out the "I've made absolutely no effort" Eurotrash threads worn by attendees and hanging out with the CEO of Theory and his lovely friend from Japan.

Now on to engaging designs...the following are some of my latest wire screen and mache masks. I've been told that they have come a long way from last year and I continue to be pleased with the results of my labors. Enjoy!

(Smiley Devil, Wire screen and mache, PDN 2008)
(Northwest Coast-Esque No. 1, wire screen and mache, PDN 2008)
Northwest Coast-Esque No. 2, wire screen and mache, PDN 2008)

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