Sunday, June 8, 2008


I did absolutely nothing this weekend...well, if nothing is a long bike ride, laundry, mask-making and getting a bubble tea at Flushing Main Street. Main Street is a pretty interesting destination these days. Not only can you find the best bubble tea in New York City—Sago Tea Café, for the Jasmine Milk Tea with Tapioca and Coconut Jellies, and Ten Ren’s Tea Time for Lychee Green Tea with Tapioca or not and the Matcha Green Tea. The pearls at Ten Ren are better, but they don’t use real milk, so I’m forced to alternate my patronage when I’m in the mood for dessert.

Main Street is really building up these days. There is a new, interesting mall called Queens Crossing and is home to some street level casual eateries and also fine Asian dining upstairs. I stumbled across the Shanghai Museum Store on the lower level the other day and was completely charmed by a young lady from Peking that sells replicas of museum treasures to tourists that stay at area hotels. She made my day.

This weekend, I started work on a two-foot sculpture of a woman. It’s a gift for a Hindu friend of mine and I think this piece is going to be interesting. I also started two additional miniatures and completed a repurposed mask that I began last week.

In addition to the mask-making, I spent the afternoon watching the National Puerto Rican Day Parade featuring some of the celebs with whom I have worked on projects. I also spent 7 hours or more finishing up a Spanish to English translation that I have been working on. Lots to do this week!

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