Thursday, May 21, 2009

Thought for a Weary Week Well Underway

Transition. It's a word that all too many of us are using more and more these days. The world is definitely changing and people are totally conflicted, not knowing why and how to deal with the shift.

My thoughts shift to the 4 year-old child that was found buried in an Albuquerque park a couple of weeks ago. How could a mother do this to her child, especially when there are so many adults out there who desperately want to have children and can't? It's appalling that she began to strangle him, and then in a moment of remorse stopped, only to resume, finally killing the boy. How bad could life be that someone would cross that line? Now that they have caught the mother of that sweet, little boy, how will her life transition? How will her family and friends cope with the tragedy?

This past weekend, I sorted through four boxes of photos that my parents brought me during my move--four boxes containing almost forty years of memories. It was time to transition into a new place, space, and frame of mind by keeping the important ones and purging some of the older photos that perhaps, in ten years, may not seem so important. I'm happy to hold on to many (in the case I'm in the mood to reminisce). Now, I only have two boxes of photos. Streamlining is good...transitioning feels good.

Many of these photos, which you, too, can view exclusively at Uncle Paulie's World, were a chronological pictorial of my life from high school to my early years in New York City (Boy was it good to throw away the pics of the ex-boyfriends and the flings that flung--Enough to ask myself the question "What was I thinking?" Oh well. You live. You learn, right?.) Though relieved to be rid of the clutter, I was overcome with great emotion last night--the shakes, the endless crying, the regret. Though this week, I'm still a little raw emotionally, I ask myself 'Why all those things?" Assuredly, it's because I'm in transition--the world's in transition. Everyone I know has a life in transition. And, there's nothing we can do about it, dog gone it! The World is telling us it's time to make some changes...or else! It's kind of like an unexpected earthquake. You know they happen, but the day-to-day makes you lose perspective. We fall into the cracks, only to awake to an overwhelming shaking that makes us realize how small we are in the scheme of things. Hopefully, we can hang on by our fingernails without falling, pull ourselves back up to solid ground before the chasm closes forcing us down into the limbo of the abyss. Luckily, unless our dresser falls on us, we have the chance to get back out there and do something! That's what I'm doing today--getting back out there. Boy, are my bootstraps starting to fray!

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