Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Heard @ The Heard 2010: Ed Archie Noisecat "Best of Show" Artist on His Work and Artistic Life

What does it take to win "First Place" at the Heard Museum's Indian Fair and Market? Well, it takes the extreme talent of Interior Salish Contemporary Sculptor, Jeweler and Graphic Artist, Ed Archie Noisecat.

At the 2010 Heard Museum Indian Fair and Market, Noisecat, along with his wife Jhane Myers-Noisecat, not only took "First Place" in the Sculpture "Other Media" division, but he also won "Best in Class" and "Best of Show" for his Native take on the marionette, in a piece entitled "Coyote As Champion." Myers-Noisecat, a traditional Buckskin dancer designed the puppet's clothing.

Having grown-up in the remote, mountainous interior of British Columbia with his mother’s people, the Canim Lake Band of Shuswap Indians, Noisecat is influenced by the Shuswap plateau culture.  He also draws from the Stlitlimx, his father’s people.

As luck would have it, on Saturday, Ed and I parked right next to each other, which allowed for a brief conversation and the opportunity for me to convince him to let me interview him for Uncle Paulie's World. He agreed, and even did a demonstration with his prize-winning puppet!   Have a look for yourself here.  Be sure to stayed tuned for the next 13 days as I will feature a new Heard show artist every day!

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Carolynn said...

Talented guy. Love his broad range of creativity, especially the puppet. Bit of a cheeky character that coyote.