Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Heard @ The Heard 2010: 'Golden Child' Taos Jewelry Artisan Maria Samora

"My designs appeal to the senses and come to life on the body." --Maria Samora, Taos jewelry designer

Before Maria Samora took the Native American jewelry world by storm, she was preoccupied that her pieces were not Native enough, at least not in the traditional sense.  Lucky for her, they weren't because her own sense of style and design is what has made this thirty-four year-old  the success that she is.  Her designs have been called new and refreshing, and it's no surprise since Samora herself exudes something all her own--a humble star quality--which is why people are drawn to her and her work. 

A SWAIA Indian Market veteran, showing since 2005, Samora was blessed in 2009 by having her jewelry selected to be featured on the Indian Market poster.   In all of Indian Market's eighty-eight years, she was the third woman and the first jewelry designer to be graced with the honor.  It has also made her 18k gold seashell-inspired jewelry more than iconic and highly sought out by Native American jewelry collectors and fashionistas alike. 

The daughter of an Anglo hippie mother and a father from Taos Pueblo (he was one of the tribe's spiritual leaders) Samora grew up with a perspective that was varied.  She also grew up with a huge appreciation for the natural world around her, which is highly reflected in the works that she creates. 

Samora has worked closely with her mentor G. Phil Poirier, since her college days.  She met him when she enrolled in one of his workshops at the Taos Institute of Arts.  Ten years later, Samora and Poirier still share a studio.

The artist is a very good friend of two of my dear friends--one from Santa Fe and the other from Jemez.  Both insisted that I stop by Maria's booth to check out her work and interview her for Uncle Paulie's World. Of course I did and HERE's the result.

Maria's warm and welcoming energy made it easy to talk to her and understand just how much this exquisite artisan loves what she does.  We do, too!  Thanks for sharing, Maria.

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kate said...

Don't forget, you can purchase Maria's creations at at at the Heard Museum Shops in Phoenix and in North Scottsdale.