Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Delicate-cies and Details of Porcelain Art: Jane Sauer on Works by Irina Zaytceva

“My colors and powers came together to help me to speak, to tell my stories, to harvest the fruits and flowers of the garden of my mind and soul, sculpting my works and adding to the further meaning of them by painting the surfaces with colored pictures.”  --Irina Zaytceva

Every since I visited Santa Fe’s Canyon Road for the first time last year, Jane Sauer Gallery has become my favorite place to check out some of the world’s new emerging and established artists. She tends to focus a great deal on fiber arts, but this year, I caught up with owner Jane Sauer at SOFA West 2010, now in its second year in Santa Fe, and she was touting the work of Russian ceramicist Irina Zaytceva at her booth.  As a matter of fact, when I walked up, Jane was intimately describing Irina’s work to a handful of eager collectors. Her enthusiasm for the artist, who is a master of every detail and translating her imagination into unusual and wonderful porcelain vases, tea pots and figures, was very obvious. Irina's work incorporates nature’s bounties, as well as “beauty, tension and a hint of erotica.”

Born in Moscow in 1957, Irina has a vast background as a children’s book illustrator, which is evident in her work. Sculpting, however, afforded her many more opportunities to express herself artistically, so she began to work with high-fired porcelain. She was very interested in the historical importance of porcelain as well. She even developed new techniques in the porcelain-making process. Her pieces are made with overglazes, underglazes, 18K gold, and she paints them with china paint to create gorgeous, nearly functional pieces of art that stimulate the imagination and amaze.

Jane Sauer Gallery, 652 Canyon Road, is open Tuesdays through Sundays from 10 am to 5 pm. For more information on Irina's work or general gallery information, visit

Jane took a moment out of her busy day at SOFA West to talk to me a little about Irina Zaytceva's work and style. Watch the video HERE:

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