Saturday, July 3, 2010

Washington Art Association Represents Three Womens' 'Views' in New Exhibit

Obviously, as human beings, we all live in the same world, but our realities are vastly different. Reality for the individual is dictated by the unique experiences and circumstances that help to shape who we are. Therefore, we all perceive things from the side of our own reality.

In celebration of those wonderful differences and varying perspectives, the Washington Art Association in Washington Depot, Connecticut will present Different Views, selected works by Elizabeth Hazan, Erin Raedeke and Elinore Schnurr.

In Elizabeth Hazan's fluid state landscapes, "Geometric shapes emerge, radiate and collide, making new forms across the surface of the work," which creates the energy that the artist sees in the surrounding world, in man made and natural forms.

"I am interested in the ways a painting can be a manifestation of one's mind," says artist Erin Raedeke of her work. Raedeke assembles pieces of her environs and the life experiences that she remembers into still life paintings that "provide a concrete arena in which to explore" her thoughts and memories, "both conscious and latent."

I fell in love with the work of Elinore Schnurr, when she participated in an exhibit featuring women painters in New York City at Flushing Town Hall a couple of years ago. She is known for her contemplative and voyeuristic paintings, in which she depicts a snapshot in time--the view from the outside looking inward to the lives of people at urban bars and cafes. Meanwhile, the outer world is simultaneously reflected in windows. Typically, she sets her work in Times Square, where there is much interplay between both of these worlds. Schnurr says " we sip our wine and experience a certain self-satisfaction with our lives, troubles out there in the larger world haunt us. Intrusive thoughts, of terrorist acts, bombed-out buildings, random violence, the after-effects of war, come into our minds and become part of our reality."

Different Views opens on July 17 with a brookside reception from 4-6 p.m. at the Washington Art Association located at Bryan Memorial Plaza in Washington Depot, Connecticut. The paintings will be on exhibition through August 15. For more information, visit or call 860.868.2878.

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