Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Road to Indian Market 2010: Cherokee and Swedish Painter America Meredith

It would be easy to say "let freedom ring" when referring to the work of Cherokee and Swedish painter America Meredith.  Her work is as diverse as the artist herself is complex. America is thoughtful, intellectual, focused all the while humorous and unassuming.  The great-great niece of comedian Will Rogers, America enjoys enjoying life around her while she interprets from her own unique perspective.

For America, the road to SWAIA Indian Market is paved with numerous committments and keeping on track to make sure she has something substantial and compelling to offer her collectors.  One of her favorite aspects about Indian Market is meeting collectors--the old and the new--and answering questions about her work. 

For the first installment of my "The ROAD to Indian Market 2010" series, America talked with me recently in her Santa Fe studio about the various work she does that leads up to market, including her extraordinary pieces, which incorporate syllabary, the Cherokee writing system.  The artist blends traditional styles from Native America and Europe and then adds her own spin by including pop iconography from her childhood. Oftentimes, she paints portraits of historical figures--including Native Americans from all walks of life.  These paintings, which can incorporate signs, text, and found objects such as stickers, as seen in one of her new series, make social commentaries and incorporate her own brand of humor. 

(**Please note that this series and video is in no way connected to SWAIA or its partners. Thanks to SWAIA for its permission to use the words 'Indian Marlet,' which are trademarked.)

Check out the video interview HERE:


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