Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Heard @ the Heard 2011: Cody Sanderson and the Sleekest of Hearts

Whether you know Native American jewelry or not, one name that is synonymous with Indian markets around the country is that of Navajo jewelry designer Cody Sanderson.  His designs have graced the pages of national women's magazines such as O The Oprah Magazine, and the reason is that he is a master of innovation and style. You never really know what he's going to come up with next.

When Cody walked into the Heard Museum Guild Indian Fair and Market's "Best of Show" gala on Friday evening with his son, who donned his latest creation around his neck, everyone took notice.  "Be Still, My Bleeding Heart," as Sanderson calls the piece, is hand-fashioned from silver, gold and coral (with inlay work by the talented Zuni designer Colin Coonsis), and is a replica of a real Human heart.  Sanderson said that he has always been fascinated by this part of the body and its beauty and wanted to honor it, especially since he came up with the idea around Valentine's Day.

Sanderson talked briefly to me for my "Heard @ the Heard 2011" series.  See the brilliance of Cody Sanderson HERE:

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