Friday, September 9, 2011

Sur-Mound-ing Obstacles For Artistic Exploration with Public Donations

A greater awareness of ancient mound builder sites in the United States exists, especially amongst artists who use indigenous iconography in their work. But, do they really understand the meaning of the symbols they represent?

Two Native American art scholars and artists will explore ancient burial mounds in the United States to do just that--gain understanding.

What if you could help them? Well, it's funny because now you can. On Saturday, September 10, America Meredith, Swedish-Cherokee painter and great, great niece of legendary cowboy and actor Will Rogers, and Choctaw-Hopi artist Linda Lomahaftewa will take off on an amazing journey through the ancient Southeastern Woodlands.

The purpose of the trip is to connect with the lands of their people that they have heard about all of their lives. The two artists will also sketch and photograph approximately twenty mound sites, which will become subjects for works in two exhibitions--one at Tribes 131 Fine Art and Gift Gallery in Oklahoma and another at Ahalenia Studio in Santa Fe in May 2012. The photographs will also be posted online for other educators and artists to use in their research.

Now through September 27, you can help these ladies fulfill their passion by donating as little as a dollar to their cause on the Exploring Ancient Southeastern Woodlands project site located on  You can also follow America and Linda as they post updates about their journey.

Watch a video interview with the artists/educators HERE:

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