Sunday, September 18, 2011

Taking a Walk Off the Beaten Path with Taos Potter Camille Bernal

Part of the fun of SWAIA Indian Market is seeing what's going on and off of the Santa Fe Plaza.  As a matter of fact, most stores and galleries have something going on that rides on the coattails of Indian Market.  On Saturday, I stopped into Keshi, a Native American art cooperative gallery, to see a friend and discovered the pottery of Taos artist Camille Bernal.

While Bernal uses traditional means to create her work, the end result is anything but traditional. As a matter of fact, her work is a tribute to ancient Egypt, Japan and Mesoamerica.  Her favorite subjects are insects and floral patterns.  She also favors shapes that deviate from the traditional "perfection" of pot shapes as one usually sees in Pueblo pottery.  Her deep, bold incised designs are very intriguing and beautiful.

While Bernal has never applied to have a booth at Indian Market, she is a regular at the Native Treasure show that takes place in Santa Fe every spring.  When she is not appearing there, her work can regularly be found at Keshi and online at

Camille Bernal made time between talking with her admirers at her first one woman show at Keshi to talk about her pottery.  Watch my VIDEO INTERVIEW HERE:

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