Thursday, February 26, 2009

Keeping the Friendly Skies Friendly

In the last couple of years, I have done a significant amount of airplane travel—for work and pleasure—and if you’re like me, flying, in general, seems a whole lot more like work than pleasure.

Perhaps you read my previous blog rant about people and flying and the annoyances that go along with both. Usually, I'm not thrilled with what I see. That’s why I was thrilled to see a segment boldly taking on the subject this morning on NBC’s The Today Show. I’m assuming it was based on the column by flight attendant James Wysong that I found on Wysong gives many of the same tips in Airplane etiquette 101:A flight attendant offers a refresher course on common courtesy.

I found the column to be both tactful and very informative. His reference to “cracking knees” when reclining one’s seat really rang true for this 6’2” homo. Maybe you will find some truth and humor in this piece as well.


Joyce Owens said...

It's bad enough to have to remove your shoes without the other horrors of traveling by plane. One false assumption is that people have "common sense" and we all know that too many do not! And fewer seem to have been taught manners.

I think we need to offer parenting tips during TV commercial breaks, and that will help with the child issue. Your child needs something to do, something to eat, and you, the parent has to provide those for a long trip.

Air travel these days is rough but so is driving. and walking! What should you do if you are leaving the building and I am right behind you. Please hold the door a SECOND! until I grab it. I'll do the same for you!



You crack me up! Love your perspective!