Friday, February 13, 2009

Senseless Folk Art and Valentines

Happy Valentine's Day! To all you who don't have a Valentine this year, just pretend that I'm all yours. There's lots of me to go around. You won't have to worry that you will or won't get a box of chocolates, and if you're not really interested in getting a big wet kiss, well you DEFINITELY won't have to fret about that because it's not likely to happen with me...unless you're Nathan Fillion or Jason O'Mara or Hugh Jackman!

Okay, I'm the first person to put it out there that I am not much of a painter. That's why I do folk art. Since my 5 x 7 piece finally sold up in Woodstock, I've somehow decided that I'm an artist and am now in the process of transferring would-be character subjects for wirescreen and papier mache masks onto canvas. These are a few of my new creations. I guess they are what they are. The good news is that they are much better than what I could have done in the second grade! Enjoy.

(Some works in progress)

Here is a finished piece:


William F. Renzulli said...

Yes, You are an artist!

Joyce Owens said...

I like your little pieces. You could take better photos, though. Put them in natural light (cloudy days work great)and shoot them without a flash. Put a plain, neutral gray, white or black board behind them.

I like the subtext of animation in your work. Folk artists are very cool. (I just don't like crazy artists who make it big BECAUSE they are crazy or drug addicts, etc.)